My teeth cleaning and filling were done in excellent way. Thank you for such a good service. My dentist is wonderful.  – Norma A.

This was my first time to have dental work with the clinic and Plan to return. I had cleaning, laser beams to detect cavities and a general exam.  – Nancy D.

Teeth cleaning was fast and thorough.  – Heidi B.

Dr. Kinghorn is Awesome!!!  – Dustin H.

5 stars. I am very happy with this dentist. I have no issues and am completely happy.  – Billie L.

I will never go to another dentist. He was so kind & explained everything he was doing. Always asked me how I was doing & seemed to really care about me. I had two cavities in my two upper front teeth, normally when you get a shot up there it hurts bad but I had no pain at all when Dr Heap gave me two shots. He made me feel comfortable and relaxed. In the 3 appointments I had with him did I ever feel pain. Super dentist!  – Darlene K.

Very professional and friendly!  – Dan D.

Staff and dentist were extremely helpful and explained everything well and took the time to answer all my questions and make adjustments to the crown they put in as needed. Overall, I was very pleased with their quality of work.  – Lori R.

Great Care and Grand Folks!! Cleaning visit, after about 18 months on Perio gel program/ Oral health and teeth best ever; Soon to be 58 years young, great council here and RESULTS; all went well, Thanks!!  – Mark M.

Wonderful place and friendly staff! Best dentist ever! I will recommend to all my friends and family.  – MaryAnne H.

Thought the doctors knew what they were doing and felt very taken care of.  – Chelsy B.

Enjoyable visit as always :)  Everybody is so friendly there and I appreciate all of the staff that I have had experiences with! They know what they’re doing.  – Hillary G.


We thank all our patients for the wonderful comments and encouragement to our office and staff.

Sincerely, Belgrade Dental Associates, P.C.